Feeding Hungry Children

Think therefore, what it must be like for a single mother trying to get her hungry children to do their homework, when none of them had dinner. Think what it must be like to look for a job all day when breakfast and lunch are just flashing signs on the outside of restaurants you pass.

So let’s look at hunger and what we can do – first on a global level, and then on a personal level – what we might do here, in Buffalo and Western New York to decrease the number of hungry people and the extent that hunger is a problem.

First, the big picture.

Of the total U.S. government’s federal budget, foreign aid represents 1 percent. And most of that money goes to Israel and Egypt.

We Americans spend 100 times as much money on makeup — or fast food — or video rentals — in one year than we do on feeding starving children in Third World countries in a decade.

The developed nations have the ability and technology to knock out a dozen serious childhood diseases in under-developed nations with less money than we as a society spent on — Beanie Babies.

The Buffalo News had a story last Sunday that reported that the same number of people – one-point-two billion – who are under-nourished are also overweight. Think about how ironic that is. If we could just merge the amounts of food that half the world gets with what the other half doesn’t, we would end world hunger.

Ha! You’re saying. No way.

Well, that’s true in a literal sense. We can’t share the lunch we had today with a starving flood victim in Mozambique or a school child in North Korea.

But we can do something very close to that right here, in our own backyard.

A little more than 10 years ago, Ann Klocke started an outfit called the Food Shuttle of Western New York. I’m proud to say that one of Ann’s many motivations for starting it was a series that we did in The News about “Hunger in Buffalo.” It ran over Thanksgiving week in 19-88 and I’m so glad that Ann was one of the people who read it. Working out of St. Gregory the Great, she enlisted 35 volunteers that first year.

Food Shuttle is based on a simple and effective idea — Move surplus food from where it is not needed to people and places that need it.

So for 10 years, every day, volunteers all over Western New York have driven to Wegmans and Tops and Tim Horton’s and restaurants of all types and collected the day-old fruit, vegetables, bread, cakes, donuts and the like from those places. The volunteers then delivered the food in plastic dinnerware sets in their cars, vans and trucks to food pantries and churches and public housing tenants’ groups all over the region.

Ann has since moved to Chicago. But Food Shuttle President Rita Eichenger said it now has 150 food providers serving 125 local recipient agencies. And there have been hundreds of volunteers.

Tons and tons and tons of food that would have gone into the dumpster instead went to people who needed it. Through the foresight and cooperation of the suppliers and with the coordination of dozens of people, extra food went to the hungry.

The main reason I’m here tonight is to talk to you about Food Shuttle. I did Food Shuttle every Saturday for three years – probably wearing out the shocks on our van in the process. And I would urge all of you to consider heeding this call.

Because as much as I liked helping to solve a problem in our city and ease some people’s hunger — I also was thrilled that my three children took turns going with me, helping me move that food.

They learned that there were people in their city who were perhaps a little different looking than them, some had different color skin, some moved in unusual ways, or looked at them oddly or wore clothes that weren’t fresh from the Gap. Some even needed a dentist, a doctor, or a shower.

They saw first hand – without my lecturing to them – that not everyone is fortunate enough to grow up in a safe house, with food at their fingertips, a school that they like and vacations to warm, sunny places.


Air Conditioner Repair Business Tips For More Visibility

It becomes impressive to have HVAC units to fix as a business. Almost anyone has an air conditioning system anyway. Going well is not how you assume everything though especially for those who just opened as a start. Maybe clients would be lost at some point perhaps. Advertising would be a way which is essential so avoid fretting too much. More customers can be grabbed someday. People can rely on you after public awareness is given.

The service of repairing is not the only offer anyway. Better improvements are necessary anyway because competitions can just be anywhere. Learn about air conditioner repair Louisville KY business tips for more visibility. Never forget that clients can increase this way so catering them must be something you are all ready to do. Increasing the challenge is expected. Consider a high success rate for this at all costs too.
With marketing content, the business may be promoted there. Content would be seen by people in such chance actually so people in numbers better become reached out. It is necessary for a well written output around here since being a clickbait is never your only goal. Not being able to market is also bad even when you wrote well. Sites like social media and blogs are worth sharing.
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Competitors are meant to keep track of. How well they handled their own business is worth seeing. The same goes with their encountered struggles. Have its whole thing analyzed and evaluated objectively then. A better firm could be done after learning more things from them.
A website that is legit enough must be provided. The company should own something like that in order to provide an alternative for having individuals in being catered. Websites are usually checked by individuals before businesses are called actually. Details are learned there anyway. It becomes bad whenever you have it left unattended so updating should never be forgotten.

Social media updates will be worth posting. Most views are likely given from that platform. Have its official page shared to your friends perhaps for visibility.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Wedding Coordinator

Weddings would usually happen once in a single lifetime and that is why the couples who are about to be wed should properly organize their marriage. That way, they could always look back at the special moments. But, that could not be done completely if they would never hire anyone to do the overall organization. So, they should make sure that professionals are around to help them with this.

Organizing an event like this is not easy because it takes a lot of experience to properly decide on which things to include. This only means that San Francisco wedding coordinator must be hired since they are the only professionals who are capable of properly organizing marriage celebrations without any problems. This could give celebrants the advantages if they only choose the best one.
Some are remaining to be complacent about it. They still hesitate to hire anyone because they think that it is not necessary. Actually, celebrants should not even do everything because they need to rest for them to have more energy during the special and big day. That implies the job must be taken care of by someone or a group of people who do this for a living. If so, it can definitely go well.
This will certainly save more time and one should take note of it. Professionals do not only have the experience or skills but they already possess the easy methods for organizing an event. That implies that the whole process would surely be fast since they use a guide or pattern that can put things into proper order. Basically, it can save a large amount of time. Couples can take advantage of it.
It will also help them save more of their money. Weddings have budgets and many have even saved for it for a long time. It would be worth it if they only spend the money wisely. That means hiring of coordinators could be a wise idea. The services they provide are a complete package.
This means one can really benefit from it. It will give more than what they pay for. This should surely cut off half or most of the burden a couple is carrying. Planning for the event alone could already give them a headache let alone handling everything including the venue, food, and other things.
Well, they must not worry at all because the venue will be selected by the organizer. They suggest different places which one should approve. Professionals know what they are proposing since they have the experience so the clients must be smart enough to say yes.
Everything would go perfectly if they only trust the coordinators. Plus, they make sure the venue is decorated properly. They would not just settle for less but they also use materials that cannot be easily torn. That way, it could still be used after the event.

Lastly, the documentation is included and the overall programmed is properly created. Programs are very significant since that is how a person would know the flow of the show. Without it, the entire occasion could turn out to be a big mess.

What Everyone Is Saying About Payday Loans No Brokers

Payday loans are typically marketed as a solution to get quick cash while you want it. They are usually for small quantities due rapidly, like on your subsequent payday, and they typically give the lender a claim on your checking account. The precise rate borrowers pay varies from bank to bank, but for our survey, we assumed an 18% rate of interest, the commonest degree in a small-dollar loans pilot program by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. All of our customer service is predicated in California and now we have brokers ready to help via e mail and cell phone, so any questions you have about your direct loan can be answered in minutes. You start the process by filling the request kind with your title, deal with, contacts, and the loan amount.

Fifteen states have banned usurious payday lending to guard employees from the servitude of compound curiosity fees worthy of loan sharks. If authorized a private loan, you would signal your loan paperwork electronically and get the cash in your checking account within one business day. One encouraging signal from the Shopper Monetary Protection Bureau was a report on payday lending this year that expressed concern that debtors averaged 10 payday loans a yr and paid $458 in charges. Sadly, when folks habitually resort to payday loans to manage their finances, they inevitably sink further and further into debt because of the excessive price of the loans.

dkmyjndecz-16941-residential property in Pune-866412526

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High default rates for long-term installment loans: Over one-third of payday installment loan sequences default, typically after the patron has already refinanced or reborrowed at least as soon as. Next we will take a look at some alternatives to the possibly pricey payday loan. To showcase some choices, Nerd Wallet in contrast payday mortgage charges with those of different lenders across the U.S. We checked out $300 loans lasting five months, which simulates the expertise of a typical payday loan borrower, according to the Pew Charitable Trusts. This weblog seeks to comment on economic points that matter to the state of Oregon. The Oregon labor state of affairs continues to improve at a glacial tempo; however string of positive jobs stories does present the state financial system shifting in the correct path.